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iTumble Classes 

iTumble I - Beginning level of tumbling and trampoline; working on front & back rolling skills, handstands, cartwheels and round offs on the floor; safety skills, jumping skills, body positions and body awareness on the trampoline. 

     iTumble II - Intermediate level of tumbling and trampoline; refining cartwheel and round off skills, working on front and back limbering skills and introduction to handsprings on the floor; refining body positions and body awareness, progressing through twisting skills, skill connection and introduction to front somersaulting on the trampoline.


     iTumble III - Advanced level of tumbling and trampoline; doing front and back handspring with or without help, working on round-off back handspring, whip back somersault, back tuck somersault, twisting somersault and tumbling connections on the floor; doing front and back somersault, twisting somersault and somersault connections on the trampoline.

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